Did You Know That Miley Cyrus Claimed She Is Going To Be "The New Beyonce" As…


Recently an interview from the upcoming 2014 March edition of “Love” magazine was leaked. This is a magazine which only comes out twice a year and in the upcoming edition Miley Cyrus obviously made some outrageous comments.


The “Adore you” singer claims that motherhood is wrecking the outstanding career of queen Beyonce. Miley not only said she would “fill the void” left by Queen B in the pop music industry but she also stated that she had “the total package” and was just the best there could be”. The 21-year-old pop star also mentioned that motherhood does all sorts of bad stuff to a woman’s body and it’s the perfect time for a fresh face to rise up filling the gap. Mileybird boasted she was indeed that fresh face who could properly replace Beyonce.


Probably these comments were made before Beyonce’s self-titled album literally rocked the world when it was released without any promotional campaigns whatsoever. It suddenly became the fastest selling LP on iTunes and became number one in more than 105 countries. Not to mention it broke all records in the US for first-week sales.


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