Did You Know That Miley Cyrus Confessed About Living In A Haunted…


During her world tour a few years ago Miley Cyrus was staying with her family at a London apartment where something weird was going on. The edifice used to be an old bakery more than a hundred years ago and was later turned into an apartment building. The ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer later told the story of her staying in the haunted apartment and explained she felt being watched the whole time.


One evening Miley’s little sister was in the shower when the singer suddenly heard her screaming. She ran to the bathroom to see what was going on and found her sister looking really red and standing under the running water. The knob had somehow switched to steaming hot and the torrid water was burning her sister who, as she later told Miley, couldn’t move and felt as if something was holding her there.

One night Miley was in the shower herself when she felt as if somebody else was present in there. Through the semi-transparent shower curtain she could see a little boy sitting on the sink and kicking his feet. Miley instantly pulled the shower curtain but there was nobody else in the bathroom but her. On the next night she saw a shadow in her bedroom of what seemed to be a little boy with an old fashioned cap.


Later the singer found out that the old bakery was owned by a family who had a son. The mother got sick and passed away while the father, who couldn’t get over her loss, turned to drinking and abandoned his son who ended up in a foster home. Miley assumed it was the ghost of the son who kept returning to what once used to be his home.



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