Did You Know That Miley Cyrus Has Been Hospitalized For….


Miley Cyrus has had a tough episode after being rushed into hospital. Reportedly, the singer had a strong allergic reaction to the antibiotics she had been taking. Miley was supposed to perform in Kansas City, Missouri but doctors’ orders prevented her from doing so as she needed to be on medical rest.


The former Disney star expressed her regret that she couldn’t be with her fans through a tweet. She explained how sorry she was for the postponed concert and how she hated hospitals, needles and having to lay in bed being bored. Miley also assured her fans that she was recovering quickly thanks to the proper care of her amazing doctors. The 21-year-old singer expressed her hopes that she would be with her beloved audience as soon as possible. Next Bangerz Tour date is scheduled for early May in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 


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