Did You Know That Miley Cyrus Is The Worst-Dressed Of The Year But Also The…


Miley Cyrus has kept shocking the public throughout the year not only with her outrageous performances but with her risque outfit choices as well. The now 21-year-old singer tends to choose the most revealing, barely there garments that leave very little to the imagination. Clearly, it is most probably intentional as the starlet always strives to get people talking and she usually succeeds in achieving it.

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Most people might assume that Miley can’t possibly surprise them with anything anymore. Yet, here it is : the pop star has made the lists of both the Worst-Dressed and the Best-Dressed of 2013 according to ‘Time’ magazine. Of course, the flesh-toned bikini-and-shorts combo that Miley wore during her infamous performance with Robin Thicke during the VMAs helped a lot to place the singer at the Number 1 spot on the first list. However, the slinky aqua Marc Jacobs gown the singer wore at the FGI’s Night Of Stars 2013 made up for almost all of her unfortunate wardrobe choices. Miley not only looked glamorous and classy,for once, in the backless sequinned mermaid dress but she also presented the Superstar Award to the man responsible for her breathtaking look – Marc Jacobs himself.


Hopefully, we will get to see more of the glamorous Miley and less of the provocative one in 2014.


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