Did You Know That Miley Cyrus Might Be Justin Bieber's New…


By far everyone knows everything about Miley including that she broke up with fiance Liam Hemsworth a few weeks ago. But what you probably didn’t know is that Miley has been getting really close with Justin Bieber these days. The ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer shared in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that she has been mentoring Bieber for a while since she is more experienced and has been in the business longer than him. Miley also stated that she wanted to help Bieber transition from a teen idol to a serious performer.


However, Miley is not the only being helpful. According to sources close to both young singers Justin has been there for Miley ever since she broke up with Hemsworth. And not just that : reportedly, Justin has been talking to Miley on the phone every night since the breakup! Apparently, both teen idols lean on each other when things get tough for them. Justin’s behavior suggests he thinks of Miley as more than “just a friend”. Could this be a basis for a new relationship?


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