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Sunday night was marked by the newest scandal around Miley Cyrus: rumours about her expecting a child with the rapper Juicy J escalated quickly and flooded the internet. Tweets were flying in from all over the world. It’s not the first time that a potential pregnancy scandal for Miley has become a hot topic – recently, rumours abounded about a possible pregnancy with her ex Liam Hemsworth. Gossip spread that she had become pregnant on purpose to trap Hemsworth and keep him in the relationship, which was already emotionally depleted, against his will.


This month, OK! Magazine wrote an article about Cyrus and Hemsworth being in crisis since late spring and how Liam wanted to separate, but Miley got unexpectedly pregnant so Hemsworth agreed to continue with the relationship. The former “Hannah Montana” star wanted to announce the big news straight away, but her fiancé was not very keen on the idea. Even so, Miley was so happy she was expecting that she wanted to go public before having the pregnancy confirmed by a doctor. Liam begged to keep it a secret for longer as he did not want to stay together with someone he did not feel an emotional attachment to anymore, despite the fact that physically they were still a couple.

However, when the couple split up a few days ago, CreamBMP started circulating a statement that Miley supposedly gave at BET Hip Hop Awards to their reporter, saying that she got pregnant by the Juicy J. The site says that the rapper mentioned that Miley was doing more than twerking, and she then blurted out that she was “expecting”. After the audience erupted in laughter, the artist loudly announced that she was indeed pregnant, to which her father replied with “achy breaking heart”.


This was the only media that got out this story and Miley, who interacts daily with her fan base on Twitter, didn’t mention anything about expecting a baby. Nor did Juicy J, the supposed father, making people believe that the news was simply a joke or fabrication.

The gossip about Miley and Juicy J reached epic proportions on Twitter, leaving many followers disbelievingly questioning the source.


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