Did You Know That Miley Cyrus No Longer Wants To Be….


In a recent interview for British Cosmopolitan Miley Cyrus shared she actually doesn’t want to be famous. The 20-year-old pop star, whose popularity got sky-high after her performance at the MTV VMA in August this year, said she is actually quite happy with her life as it is but wouldn’t mind not being in the spot light all the time as long as “fans still bought her records and her songs reached the No.1 spot in seconds”.

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The ex Hanna Montana also explained her raunchy performance was not meant to overshadow everyone else but just be fun. However, Miley stated she doesn’t have any regrets regarding the event and prefers to live her life without overthinking the past as it can’t be changed anyways. The pop star also expressed her desire to travel and see new cities without people stopping her which is something, apparently, not possible for her at this moment. Miley shared she doesn’t want to be perceived as a role model rather than just as a person “who inspires people to be positive and treat others well”.


The ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer, who is going to be on the cover of the December issue of British Cosmopolitan, recently announced her Bangerz Tour is going to take place in 2014. The actual dates and cities are yet to be announced.


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