Did you know that Miley Cyrus ruined a dying little….


Miley Cyrus ruined a lot of things – from her cute image of Hannah Montana to those playful selfies in which you stick your tongue out just for fun.


According to official reports, the 7 year old Miley Hodge wanted to see Justin Bieber in person. The little girl is suffering from bone cancer and has several months left to live, so her parents tried to make her wish come true. However, when they couldn’t get her to meet Bieber, they opted for their daughter’s second wish – to meet Miley Cyrus in person. Apparently Cyrus wasn’t happy by the thought of being the second best and wasn’t too happy to be a part of a dying girl’s heartbreaking story. The reports state that the 21 year old singer and actress putt off the girl for nearly a week before actually meeting up with her.


And as if waiting a whole week in Los Angeles wasn’t bad enough for the dying girl’s parents, Cyrus was more interested in singing in her studio rather than paying attention to the girl! Cyrus allegedly blew the girl off as if she was an average fan!


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