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Did You Know That Miley Cyrus's Biggest Fan Has 15….


Obsessions over celebrities and their lives could inspire even the most normal person to do quite awkward things. For example, a man who stated that pop star Miley Cyrus had helped him overcome his recent divorce decided to pay a tribute to her in the most odd way.


Carl McCoid who is a 40-year-old domestic cleaner from Bridlington, East Yorks, UK has over 20 permanent ink tattoos covering almost his entire body. The controversial fan doesn’t seem to be embarrassed showing off his tats because he has gained huge popularity in the social media websites. Most of the fans are terrified and call him “creepy”, others like him a lot but are still wondering why a 40-year-old would obsess over a pop singer.

He has the titles of Miley’s songs “Liberty Walk” and “Can’t Be Tamed” written on his hands as well as her face painted on his shoulder. Apparently, all of McCoid’s tattoos have a double meaning related to his present life.


His obsession, however, is not entirely limited to his own body. Carl McCoid also has his entire house full of Miley’s huge posters and knows all of her song lyrics by heart.

He has never been to a Miley’s concert and has never met her in person. With his raising popularity over the web, Carl hopes that he would get that opportunity eventually.


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