Did You Know That Miley Interrupted Z100 Jingle Ball Backstage Interview For…


Everyone who has ever gone online in the past five months has at least spotted a glimpse of Miley if nothing else. The singer did her best to get people talking about her and it seems as she simply “can’t stop” now. Miley’s on stage performances and outfits are quite outrageous but her off stage behavior isn’t any less bizarre whatsoever.


The 21-year-old pop star was being interviewed backstage at the Z100’s Jingle Ball 2013 that took place last Friday at Madison Square Garden when she suddenly got up and started applying antiperspirant. What is more, the singer didn’t look ashamed for a second and kept up the conversation while striking a series of weird poses. Probably it is worth mentioning that Miley was applying AXE deodorant and the brand also happened to be one of the event sponsors. Therefore, the whole thing might have been an attempt for a “natural looking” form of publicity.


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