Did You Know That, Mislead By His Colleagues, A Police Officer Was Actually Chasing ….


An unidentified officer from the Sussex Police Department in the UK was involved in a ridiculous covert surveillance operation that had him chase himself for quite a while.


Because of a wave of burglaries in the local stores in a market town in the South part of the country the police department had to take measures. The department had launched a series of covert operations aimed at preventing the burglaries and capturing the culprits on the spot.


A new officer, who had recently joined the force and was still on probation, was very keen on proving himself so he would always join in the extracurricular activities of the department.

He was put on duty to patrol the market area in plain-clothes. One day as he was walking around the area in his plain-clothes he received a dispatch from a CCTV operator that there is a potential suspect at large near his current position.

Unfortunately, the CCTV operator had failed to realize that he was actually watching the disguised police officer who was patrolling the area. The plain-clothed officer received information that he was right on tail of the “suspect” and was in hot pursuit. This miscommunication went on for about 20 minutes until a sergeant entered the CCTV booth and recognized the disguised covert operative.
The “case” was resolved with a lot of entertained faces and a bit of embarrassment.


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