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Chinese morticians are making headlines for their new groundbreaking method of restoring bodies with the help of the 3D printing technology.

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While 3D printing opens a lot of doors for a large variety of industries (mostly in cosmetics and medicine), it appears that it can do wonders when it comes to posthumous cases as well.

It wasn’t that long ago when the Internet went crazy over the fact that 3D printing could aid disabled people through 3D printed prosthesis. And now a Chinese funeral home is using the same function as a way of helping the relatives and loved ones of deceased people, who have suffered through some facial or body damages. The morticians in question at the Longhua funeral home are restoring faces and bodies with 3D printed skin. Their aim is to fix damages posthumous make-up can’t repair. The funeral home workers are applying the artificial skin in order to restore the bodies or the faces of the deceased, who have suffered skin diseases, fire burns or any other severely damaging accidents.


According to Longhua’s staff, the friends and family members of the late person find it too painful to attend the person’s funeral or memorial service when that person has been maimed in any way. The staff claims that the 3D printing technique can restore bodies to up to 95% correctness and that it comes in handy in cases where the deceased one has suffered nasty injuries. For example, the funeral home successfully used this technique for firefighters, who lost their lives in an explosion back in 2015. And while this technique sounds ground-breaking and truly promising, it doesn’t come cheap. The funeral home in question, which is based in Shanghai, China, offers the 3D printing restoration of facial or body features for 5,000 yuan ($775 in USD) – without including the rest of the funeral costs in the price.


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