Did You Know That Mosquitoes kill between 660,000 And 1 Million People …..


It’s a well-known fact that people are on the top of the food chain in present days. However, the case was different when our ancient ancestors inhabited the planet thousands of years ago. They were killed by sable-tooth tigers, lions, wolves. Nowadays there are still many animals, tiny or huge, which cause numerous cases of death among humans every year.


The mosquitos are probably the deadliest insects for humans. They bring many diseases, such as malaria and dengue, which are lethal if not treated immediately. Mosquitos are known to endure harsh environments such as arctic and volcanic regions.
Another deadly animal is the shark. White sharks, tiger sharks and bull sharks are the most aggressive and deadly of the species. Sharks are a great menace for cruisers, surfers and to all oblivious to the danger people who are enjoying a day out in the ocean.
Last, but not least, scorpions are also a grave danger. From around 2,000 different types of scorpions only 25 are deadly for humankind. Nevertheless, it has been estimated that nearly 5,000 people are killed by scorpion poison each year.


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