Did you know that most of the chickens you eat get split in two and…


Different nations tend to have different eating habits and their food choices vary significantly. For example, a lot of Americans are known to prefer white chicken meat over dark meat. Happily, there are nations who like dark meat, so the majority of chickens typically get split into two. One piece contains white meat and is consumed in the USA, while the other piece consists of dark meat and travels to Russia and Asia where people like eating it.


Statistical data show that Americans eat chicken meat about ten times a month. However, they rarely choose to consume legs, drumsticks and thighs. The breast remains the more popular part of the chicken in the USA.


Fortunately, nowadays manufacturers and traders offer various packages of meat, so you can buy only those parts of the chicken you like. However, in the past this wasn’t possible because only whole birds were sold. Now chickens are split in two and the different parts go to different places in the world.


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