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Did you know that most ot the successful CEOs are psych….


It turns out being a psychopath isn’t all bad after all. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up a serial killer or other kind of brutal criminal. According to Robert Hare, who is a psychopath expert in the University of British Columbia, psychopaths can become extremely successful CEOs.


Psychopathy is described as a combination of several individual characteristics, such as manipulation, lack of emotion, glibness, impulsiveness, irresponsibility, aggression and callousness. This seems to be the perfect combination for becoming a top executive.


About 4% of the people in the business world and up to 10% working in the field of financial services are estimated to be psychopathic, compared to 1% in the general population. Psychopathic characteristics are prevalent among top executives, as evidenced in a 2009 article by Pfohl and Cangemi which described seven people with leading professions who had psychopathic traits. A venture capitalist, a university professor and an executive from Fortune 500 were among these seven people.


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