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Did you know that MSNBC interrupted congresswoman for breaking Bieber…


Justin Bieber’s deeds never go unnoticed. In fact, he’s such great headline material that even important politicians are being interrupted and thrown off the stage so that the world can hear about Bieber’s latest adventures!

As you’ve probably already learned, the teen sensation was arrested for DUI this January. However, when the news broke, one of the first people to get the message was former Congresswoman Jane Harman. While Harman was being interviewed by Andrea Mitchell live on MSNBC, the hostess had to interrupt Harman in order to leak the breaking news of Bieber’s DUI arrest. A short video of the interruption was uploaded on YouTube on the 23rd of January andhas almost reached 2 million views.

And while Andrea Mitchell’s nervous stuttering shows that she already knew Harman wouldn’t approve of being interrupted for such a frivolous story, Harman herself will surely never become a “Belieber” after being embarrassed and disrespected in such way.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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