Did you know that mullets are banned in….


Did you know that in Iran there is an actual list of appropriate hairstyles for men, officially voted by the authorities, in an attempt to prevent the decadent westernization of the country?


Well, it is true. There is a catalogue of all styles suitable for Iranian boys and men issued by the Iranian Ministry of Culture.

For example, spiky hair, mullets or pony tails are a no-no in Iran. Elvis-like quiffs and goatees turn out to be acceptable, though.


The official “Journal of Iranian Hairstyles Approved by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance” was first introduced at a state-approved hairdressing show – The Modesty and Veil Festival held in Iran’s capital – Tehran.
The authorities do not directly acknowledge the fact that they are doing this to stop the Western influence in Iran, but rather claim that it is based on a combination of religious, cultural, legal and physical aspects.

Several Iranian barber shops have reportedly been closed down after offering their clients the forbidden Western-style haircuts. About 70,000 policemen have been trained to battle the bad Western influence. They have been performing “modesty checks” and arresting men with the “wrong” hairstyles, wearing necklaces or tight jeans, as well as women with inappropriately short coats, trousers or loose scarfs.


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