Did you know that Nashville officials told a man to remove a zombie statue from his…


A man residing in Nashville, Tennessee, US, was told by his local officials to remove a zombie statue, which was installed on his house’s front yard nearly 5 years ago.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

Jim Grinstead contacted the local media after he received a letter from the homeowner association regarding a harmless statue he and his wife put up in their front yard around 5 years ago.

As it turns out, the statue portrays a zombie as he’s clawing his way up from the ground. The statue in question shows only the head, neck and the arms of the zombie and it never seemed to bother any of Jim’s neighbors. The man shared that random people passing by his house would stop for a second to snap a picture of the zombie and that his friends and family loved the idea of the statue being there. He also claims that nobody in the area ever saw the statue as bothering in any way. However, the man received a letter from Nashville officials stating that she should remove the statue immediately. The Nashville resident was quite angry with the letter at first, but then he just started seeing the whole deal as ridiculous. The man has been living in the same house for a decade and the statue has been in his front yard for the past 5 years without any complaints from nobody. Jim thought it was ridiculous to be asked to remove it now, especially by the homeowner’s association council in the area.


Regardless of the strange case, the man told the media that he’s going to remove the statue, which he and his wife have decided to name “Clawed”, from their yard as soon as possible. The man’s strange story has quickly gone viral and is currently making headlines in some of the biggest news agencies.


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