Did you know that Neptune has the strongest winds in the…


Neptune’s winds are blowing with 2,100kmph, making it the planet with the strongest winds in the entire Solar System!

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

Neptune is known for many things. It’s known as one of the biggest planets in our Solar System, it’s the densest planet, and it’s the farthest planet from our Sun. It’s also the third largest planet by mass and the fourth largest by diameter. But apart from this, it also has an extremely brutal climate.
This particular planet is the one with the strongest winds in the entire Solar System. Neptune’s winds are blowing with nearly 2,100kmph (1,304mph) or around 600 miles per second. The planet’s winds have an almost supersonic flow and are considered to cause severe storms. A few decades ago, back in the late 1980s, NASA’s notorious spacecraft Voyager 2 spotted something, which was later dubbed The Great Dark Spot.

The “spot” on Neptune is actually the visual spot over the planet’s atmosphere, which indicates that there are some extreme anti-cyclonic storms going on there. The clouds and the winds blowing on the planet are continuously forming dark spots as big as 13,000km x 6,600km wide. These vicious vortexes are actually forming by extremely fast winds, which are flowing against the direction of the planet’s rotation. The spots on Neptune are moving and constantly changing their sizes and coordinates, unlike the similar Great Red Spot, which can be seen on Jupiter. Jupiter’s spots are actually decreasing their sizes, while Neptune’s ones are just changing position. According to some studies, Neptune’s spots have been there for at least its half lifetime!


The severe climate conditions on Neptune are formed by several factors. First of all, its extreme winds and remoteness from the Sun have transformed the planet into an icy structure with an approximate surface temperature of around -201 degrees Celsius. Second, its atmosphere is consisted of methane, helium and hydrogen. And last, but not least, the planet is rotating at the rapid speed of 18 hours per a full rotation.


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