Did you know that Nicolas Cage appears on the cover of a Serbian biology…


The famous Hollywood actor graces the front cover of a Serbian biology textbook. That’s right. As if seeing the movie stars all over the Internet, the billboards and the bus stops’ posters isn’t enough, we’re now seeing them on textbooks.
A cut-out picture of Cage appears on an 8th grade biology manual. It features the actor from a still of the 1987 movie Raising Arizona. He’s caressing his co-star Holly Hunter and the latter is holding a little baby. The trio are cut out and pasted over a field of red roses. It’s not quite clear what’s the connection between the cover and the textbook’s contents.


However, the graphic designer of the cover told the media that it was an honest mistake. The publication had been pulled off from further print, but there still are several copies out there. The shocking textbook cover was revealed by a picture of the textbook, which was posted on Twitter by a Serbian user. It’s not an image from Ghost Rider, but still, isn’t there something fascinating about being taught from a book, which features Nicolas Cage on its cover?


Written by Patrick Bennet

I have been working as a teacher my whole life. I love reading books.

I love writing about all kind of different and interesting facts. It's not only exciting, but I learn something new every day. What I learn I share it with you guys. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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