Did you know that Nicolas Cage was the man who convinced Johnny Depp to….


Johnny Depp, one of the most famous actors ever, was ‘discovered’ by another famous actor – Nicolas Cage

If it had not been for Nicolas Cage, the world might have never seen Johnny Depp’s talent.
The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star was originally interested in music. In the early 1980’s, he was happy playing music in a band in L.A. The band soon broke up and Johnny’s life turned to another direction. Music was replaced by acting coincidentally. Johnny’s then wife introduced him to actor Nicolas Cage who sent Johnny Depp to meet his agent. Actually, Nicolas Cage is the person who convinced Johnny to pursue an acting career.

But how did everything happen in fact? After he was sent to Cage’s agent, Johnny Depp was’re-sent’ to read for a movie that was directed by Wes Craven. He was cast for the role of Glen Lantz in ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’. As Johnny later said in an interview for Regis and Kathie Lee in 1993, by that time, he was not inspired to be an actor but he was just trying to survive.


Johnny Depp made his first major breakthrough in the TV series ’21 Jump Street’.


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