Did you know that North Koreans have a huge…


Chocolate pies are an awesome dessert which suit almost anyone’s taste. However, it seems like North Koreans like them so much, that some reports about North Korea’s black market state that the gooey concoctions are some of the most sold of all the illicit goods available.


In 2011 the Korea Economic Institute did some research on the subject, with surprising results. The black market in North Korea made a huge profit from selling chocolate pies, with sales estimated at 2.5 million pies a month! Part of the reason for the huge sales was the fact that many North Korean companies actually purchased pies from the black market for their workers as a substitute for financial benefits. North Korean companies were giving the workers extra food for themselves and their families and saw the chocolate pies as a great addition to the extra food menu.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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