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Did You Know That Not A Single Titanic Engineer Survived The Shipwreck Because ….


One of the most underestimated and nearly forgotten heroic feats in history is the one of the engineers of the RMS Titanic during its tragic demise in 1912. The brave men in the engine and boiler rooms stayed at their posts working tirelessly while everyone else was running for the lifeboats to save their own lives.


When the Titanic hit the iceberg, it quickly became quite easy to comprehend the hard truth that the ship’s “unsinkable” image was nonsense. The ship would have sank in a little more than an hour if it weren’t for the actions of the brave beyond imagination engineers. While the ship was sinking all the passengers were being evacuated via lifeboats by the crew on the deck. The engineers then stayed on their posts during the evacuation and enabled the rest of the crew to continue saving lives. They kept the pumps and the electricity running for as long as possible. Their actions ensured the lights and radio systems were operating until the very last minute.


Some speculate that their actions kept the Titanic afloat for an extra hour which enabled the deployment of nearly all the lifeboats. Their brave sacrifice resulted in the successful rescue of nearly 700 passengers who lived through the disastrous events.


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