Did You Know That Numbers Game Failed A Man After He Was Rejected By 5,000 Women….


Serbian Predrag Jovanovic was trying to find a girlfriend online playing the numbers game. As he explained he had little chance of finding a significant other in his small native town situated near Belgrade, the Serbian capital. According to the 34-year-old man almost all women in his town were either too old or involved with someone else. What is more, the man shared he is rather shy and finds it very difficult to talk to women in real life therefore he prefers the online communication.

Image Source: CEN
Image Source: CEN

Apparently, Predrag contacted about 5,000 women in the hopes of finding a girlfriend for himself. However, only 15 of those women responded to him but, unfortunately, in a negative way. The other 4985 women simply chose to ignore him which hurt him the most as Predrag later shared. All he wants is someone to give him a chance. Understanding he might set a record as the biggest romantic failure, Predrag is determined to continue until he finds the right person.


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