Did You Know That Ohio Court Has Banned A Lounger Dad From Having….


Asim Taylor from Ohio was a lounger dad. He has had four children with three different women but wasn’t paying child support for any of them. Taylor has been taken to court and ordered by a judge to stop having children until he paid all the $100,000 he owed to his children’s mothers.

Image Source: Lorain County Sheriff's office
Image Source: Lorain County Sheriff’s office

Understandably, Taylor did not respond well to that and argued that the judge’s order was violating his human rights to reproduce. The man’s lawyer claimed that there would be no other way for his client to avoid having any more children but to completely abstain from having any intimate relationships with women. The judge replied that Taylor hasn’t been kept his basic parental responsibilities therefore he obviously wasn’t fit to be a parent as his children are currently suffering due to his irresponsible behavior. However, Taylor did not agree with the baby ban and he and his lawyer are planning to take the case to the Ohio Supreme Court.


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