Did you know that on Mars has been spotted something that looks like a…


A Mars rover has spotted something that looks like a “floating spoon” on the Red Planet.

Image Source: Nasa/JPL-Caltech/MSSS
Image Source: Nasa/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Over the past few years many things have been spotted on Mars. From strangely looking alien-like shapes to ghostly figures, which resemble human beings and even Earth-like animals, the Mars rovers have seen it all. Or at least that’s what we thought up until now. As it turns out, “floating spoons” can now be seen on the Red Planet’s surface.

UK’s Metro reported that one of the most recent pictures, which the Mars Curiosity Rover took of the Red Planet’s surface, shows something quite unusual. If you take a closer look at the picture taken by NASA’s rover, you will see a shape, which looks exactly like a floating spoon. It doesn’t appear to be attached to anything and you can easily spot the floating spoon’s shadow on the ground. While we are sure many of you might have all sorts of crazy theories about how some alien just left its spoon behind after having brunch, the strange shape is probably nothing more but a visual illusion created by a rock.


The very same Mars Rover spotted another strange figure on the surface of the planet earlier this August. The figure was dubbed the “dark lady” and the news of the eerie alien creature, who might be inhabiting

Mars, quickly spread over the Internet. What’s even more shocking was the fact that some people considered the idea that this shape could be a statue left behind by a human being. Of course, tons of UFO theories regarding both cases are about to stir up, since apparently many people are just waiting for the next big thing NASA’s Mars Rover will photograph so that they could start guessing about the supernatural stuff that is supposedly going on on the Red Planet.


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