Did You Know That On Stage Of MTV Europe Music Awards Miley Cyrus Lit Up And Smoked…


Miley Cyrus didn’t fail to show everything she is capable of yet again. The singer obviously has a thing for MTV Awards ceremonies as every time there is such an event she is prepared to shock the public.

The 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards ceremony took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands last night and everyone who is someone in show business today was there: Katy Perry, Ellie Gouding, Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea, Afrojack, Redfoo and many others. However, Miley did steal the show once again : the 20-year-old showed up in a more than daring mini dress which had the images of dead rap legends Tupac and Biggy Smalls on it along with the words “violence” on the front and “please stop” spreading across the singer’s rear.


But this is not the end of it : while accepting her ‘Best Video’ award Miley jokingly tried to fit in her Chanel bag. Then she stated that, of course, it wouldn’t fit but she had found something else instead as she pulled out a suspiciously looking cigarette which the singer lit up right on stage. Given that certain illegal substances are not unlawful in the Netherlands, Miley was not actually breaking the law but her act was hardly something to be admired. The singer has been a role model for many young girls for quite a while so doing something that’s illegal almost everywhere else but the Netherlands wasn’t actually the wisest choice Miley could have made.


The other outfit that Miley sported at the ceremony left even less to the imagination as the white number was barely covering her body. As her usual partner in crime Robin Thicke didn’t share the stage with her this time, Miley had to resort to one of her latex-dressed little person dancers whom she twerked against and touched rather intimately.

All in all, typical Miley Cyrus : crowds expect to be shocked by her appearance and performance and she delivers every time. If she has something else, that will actually flabbergast everyone, stocked up for later we are yet to find out.



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