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At the age of 52 Tom Cruise has 40 titles in his filmography, numerous awards, an Oscar nomination and tons of fans from all around the world. He’s considered to be one of the most handsome actors of the century and the heavily expressed imperfections of his facial features (like the slightly protruding chin and crooked nose) only add to his charms.

Image Source: MEME CENTER
Image Source: MEME CENTER

It’s not a secret that Cruise has had cosmetic surgery in the past in order to make his smile perfect. However, it’s not as perfect as it seems. If you look closely at the actor’s en face, you’ll realize that one of Cruise’s front teeth is located exactly in the middle of his face. His left incisor is crossing the middle of his face, right where the gap between his two teeth should be.


There’s no denying that Tom Cruise is still handsome, but you will probably never be able to see him the same way again!


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