Did you know that One 11 year old boy took a cement truck for a…


An 11 year old boy from Kasson, Minnesota, US, is making headlines after he decided to take an enormous cement mixer truck for a joyride earlier this March.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The kid in question reportedly climbed inside a cement truck in Kasson and drove off with it before anyone could stop him. The unnamed boy was chased down by the local police as they believed the person inside the truck was a full grown-up, who was just going over the speed limit for such vehicles. However, when the boy sped up even more in his attempts to escape the cops, things got ugly. He led on the local police officers into a high speed chase all the way to Dodge Center. According to official reports, the 11 year old driver didn’t stop at anything during the joyride even when one of the truck’s tires got popped. The boy continued driving around with the popped tire and caused some pretty serious damages to the roads and the lawns, through which he was driving. The youngster’s actions were so dangerous that the wild chase involved police cars from the Minnesota State Patrol and the Kasson police.


Eventually, the cops were able to stop the boy when he reached Dodge Center. The 11 year old joyrider tried to flee on foot, but the police officers were faster and caught him. The reports state that he was immediately taken into custody and sent over to the Juvenile Detention Center located in Roschester, Minnesota. Fortunately, the boy didn’t injure anybody, but the damages he caused to the truck, the lawns and the roads are still to be evaluated. The reports also show that the 11 year old unnamed joyrider will be charged for his actions in full formal fashion.


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