Did you know that one-armed man was arrested in Belarus for…


Alexander Lukashenko, known as “the last dictator of Europe”, proved once again how cruel one dictatorship could be. In 2011 the President of Belarus ordered his police to arrest a one-armed man for clapping during a protest.


Konstantin Kaplin, an unemployed one-armed Belarusian, was arrested and fined $200 for taking part in the protests against the government. Kaplin explained he was trying to take a picture with his cellphone when police officers arrested him for clapping during the protests when people simply clapped their hands to express their disagreement with the government policies.

Another similar case occurred in Belarus when a deaf and mute person was arrested for shouting “antigovernmental slogans”. The pathetic accusations continue among Belarusian people. The police is under orders to arrest anyone who could take part in the protests.


Alexander Lukashenko, who has been head of Belarus since 1994, doesn’t show any signs of regret about his dictatorship. Other European governments dub him as violator of human rights. Lukashenko is the subject of sanctions by the United States and the European Union.


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