Did you know that one-legged man was accused of disability fraud because…


Many people make mistakes. But when bureaucrats make a huge mistake their fiasco often ends up in the news.


Robert Punter, a 63 year old former truck driver, had great troubles with government officials earlier this year. Benefit officials accused the man of disability fraud because they didn’t read too deep into his file. The man suffered from a degenerative bone disease on his left leg, which had to be amputated. He also suffered from a toe injury on his right leg, but managed to recover in the latter case. When officials read his file, they focused on his right leg instead of his left one, and accused him of fraud because he was seeking disability benefits.


The case had to be taken to court because the officials refused to look more closely into Robert’s case. After the man showed up at court and proved that he wasn’t lying, the outrageous story quickly became a hit on the news. In the end, those bungling officials had to publicly apologize for their mistake and benefit the disabled man.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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