Did You Know That One Of The Most Popular Marching Songs For The Russian Military Is SpongeBob…


Russian people and especially the Russian military have the reputation of being very strong, both physically and psychologically, and able to overcome anything. The typical Russian toughness is often imputed to the severe climate in the Northern Eurasian country.


However, Russian soldiers have come up with an idea to keep their spirit high during training. As funny as it may sound, the Russian army marches to the SpongeBob Squarepants  theme song. Apparently, it is being used in different army units both infantry and navy. The military men don’t mind chanting the name of the bright yellow sponge while doing their daily exercise. What is even more hilarious is the fact that army captains try to imitate the SpongeBob’s captain voice when he says “Are you ready, kids?”.


Although the idea of the Red Army marching to the theme song of the children’s cartoon is quite unbelievable, there is a YouTube video to prove it. You can check for yourself. 


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