Did You Know That One Squirrel Managed To Cause $300,000 ….


Squirrels are cute little creatures which we are usually used to see running in the woods and suburban parks. They seem totally harmless and normally will not come near you unless you manage to tempt them with a packet of roast nuts or something of the sort. However, a single Indiana squirrel proved that the furry creatures could be rather maleficent despite their harmless appearance.


The squirrel in question managed to cause damage worth as much as $300,000 to a community center in eastern Indiana. The establishment was scheduled to open in June. The creature somehow managed to get into the electrical equipment of the building thus causing a power surge which led to immense damage to the air conditioning, heating and boiler systems. Unfortunately, the little creature didn’t make it out alive. According to the community center’s director almost 90% of the damage will be covered by insurance. Currently, crews are trying to repair the damage so the center can open as planned.


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