Did You Know That Oprah gives a hand to fallen starlet Lindsay Lohan by offering her…


Lindsay Lohan was in negotiations with Oprah for the start of a new show on Oprah’s OWN network that would be hosted by Lindsay herself, when the Hollywood starlet started to back down. Allegedly, Lindsay had already received the $2 million check when she started offering excuses for her lack of focus on the project including her being involved in other projects and trying to find a new apartment in New York.


However, being known for determination, Oprah paid a visit to Lindsay and confronted her about her decision to continue working on the show. The TV mogul stated that the network would stand to gain if the show was successful but Oprah also pointed out that she was capable of shutting the project down straight away if Lindsay wasn’t serious about it. Today, things are reported to be running smooth between the rehabbed celebrity and the most famous talk show host in the world. It air date of Lindsay’s show has not been revealed by OWN network yet.


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