Did You Know That Osama Bin Laden Was Once Stopped For Speeding ….


After the vicious attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon from 9/11, the whole world was on the lookout for Al-Qaeda’s notorious leader Osama Bin Laden. In July last year a report regarding Bin Laden released by the Pakistani government officials shocked everyone. The controversial report was obtained by Al Jazeera and it stated that Bin Laden was able to live almost a decade unnoticed in Pakistan.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

The most shocking information was about numerous missed opportunities when Pakistani military and police forces failed to apprehend the world’s most infamous terrorist. The police force in Pakistan nearly missed capturing Bin Laden when he was living in the Swat Valley in the period of 2002/2003. According to a witness report of the wife of one of Bin Laden’s bodyguards, their vehicle got pulled over for speeding by a traffic officer. They were going shopping for groceries and were obviously in a rush. One of the bodyguards was able to “quickly settle the matter” thus preventing the police officer from recognizing the world’s most wanted terrorist.

If it wasn’t for that particular officer’s incompetence probably the hunt for Osama Bin Laden might have ended 9 years earlier than it did.


Osama Bin Laden Was Stopped For Speeding 8 Years Ago



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