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Did You Know That Outernet Is Going To Beam Free Wi-Fi To Every Person On Earth Using…..


Decades ago Internet was a real revolution and totally changed the world back then. Today, there is a new thing about to change the world for millions of people : the Outernet. A New York-based company has started an ambitious project aiming to provide Internet access to every person on the planet.


Media Development Investment Fund, the name of the company, is planning to achieve its goal by launching hundreds of satellites into orbit. The satellites will send data over wide radio waves thus broadcasting internet all over the globe. Even though the WI-FI technology has become really wide spread over the last decade, about 40% of the human population still doesn’t have access to the web. The reasons for that might be economical, as some countries are unable to provide the infrastructure needed, or political as some states are advisedly applying censorship. However, the MDIF project hopes to put a stop to that. The company realizes their project is going to be extremely expensive and they are still raising the money. MDIF hopes to get permission from NASA to test the technology on the International Space Station in September this year. If everything goes according to plan the deployment of the Outernet satellites into orbit will start in June 2015.


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