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Did you know that Ozzy Osbourne's looks used to scare his…


Ozzy Osbourne, the former vocalist of Black Sabbath, could be as petrifying as the Devil himself, especially in his notorious music videos. However, by the looks of it the heavy make-up, dark clothing and series of humongous jewelry sets seem to be even scarier in person than on the screen.


According to Jack Osbourne, Ozzy’s 28 year old son, his daughter was afraid of the rock legend. The 22 month old baby, whose name is Pearl, used to be terrified of her grandfather’s looks – and particularly of his long hair. Fortunately for Ozzy, who finds joy in being a grandfather, Pearl eventually outgrew her fear. However, Jack told the media that his father enjoys being around the little girl only while they’re having fun, and appreciates being able to give her back later on.


Jack also added that Pearl enjoys wearing her mother’s clothes, especially her bras and jewellery.


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