Did you know that P. Diddy gave Justin Bieber a Lambroghini worth $300k on his…


It looks like Sweet Sixteen was extremely sweet for the mega-star Justin Bieber, as he received gifts most adults can only dream about. In an interview in 2010 Bieber told the media P. Diddy had promised him his own white Lamborghini for his 16th birthday, however Bieber himself said that the rapper had been kidding about the gift. Nevertheless, a few months later the teen sensation showed up in L.A. driving – you guessed it – a white Lamborghini with a friend of his, the singer Sean Kingston.


As shocking as it may sound, P. Diddy isn’t the only rapper who gave an extravagant gift to Bieber. Allegedly Usher gave the teenager a brand new Range Rover.
Bieber isn’t the only teenager who has been left breathtaken by P. Diddy’s generous heart. The American rapper and actor also gifted his son Justin Dior with a German Maybach for his 16th birthday. And since the lucky kid wasn’t qualified to drive the extremely expensive vehicle just yet, his daddy presented him with a unique and uniformed chauffeur.


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