Did You Know That Paper Cuts Hurt So Bad Because Paper Does More Microscopic Damage To…


Surprisingly painful, paper cuts are one of the most dreaded injuries. Even though, paper doesn’t seem like a serious threat to the health of the skin, in some cases it can cause cuts to the epidermis just like a razor.


The reason why paper cuts are so painful and thus so hated is because they normally occur on the hands, and even worse : on the finger webbings. These body parts are not only very sensitive, but are constantly in motion, thus making the healing process more difficult and sore.


There are numerous nerves, small blood vessels and sensors on the hands which is another reason why getting a paper cut there seems so excruciating.

Also, since paper is obviously not as hard and even as a razor edge, the paper cut is usually one which causes a lot more damage to the skin than a “cleaner” razor cut. Of course, you may think I am crazy telling you that a paper cut can be worse than a razor cut…Well, yes – surely you can’t die from a paper cut, but the pain and the healing process is quite intense. Another reason for my view on paper cuts is the fact that paper usually doesn’t cut the skin to a depth sufficient enough to cause blood flow and blood clotting in the injured area. This leaves the wound open and the nerve receptors even more susceptible to external irritation.


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