Did You Know That Parents Are Naming Their Babies After The 'Game of Thrones' …..


‘Game of Thrones’ has turned into such a craze lately that people not only tend to dodge from work in order to see it as soon as it is available online but also name their babies after the characters. The Social Security Administration data shows that in 2012 there were already at least 150 baby girls in US named Khaleesi as the Game of Thrones heroine.

Photo: HBO
Photo: HBO

According to the author of “The Baby Name Wizard”, Laura Wattenberg, people choose to name their child after a character who is young, attractive and often has supernatural powers and abilities. Popular movies and shows definitely have their impact on the baby-naming trend. The ‘Hunger Games’ and its popularity led to lots of baby girls being named Katniss. Also, the name ‘Bella’ nearly doubled in use just a couple of years after the release of the ‘Twilight’ saga. Before that ‘Eowyn’ was quite popular ever since ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy came out. Trend observes suppose that the latest movie releases such as ‘Noah’ and the upcoming ‘Transcendence’ will lead to the emergence of new popular names.


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