Did You Know That Parents Were Banned From Naming Their Son 'Wikileaks' Because….


Julian Assange and his project WikiLeaks certainly caused a lot of stir worldwide. Hajar Hamalaw, a new father, has been so impressed with Mr. Assange’s deed that he wanted to name his newly born son ‘WikiLeaks’ but a Bavarian registry office has banned him from doing it.


The 28-year-old Mr. Hamalaw who is originally from Iraq wanted to express his admiration towards the online platform by naming his son after it. However, local authorities in Passau, Southern Germany where Hamalaw and his family reside have concluded that naming his child this way would endanger the baby. According to German legal rulings a child should not be given a first name that could jeopardize their welfare in any way.


Even though Mr. Hamalaw claims that his motives were only based on his admiration for what the site has managed to accomplish, he agreed to give his son the much less showy name ‘Dako’.


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