Did you know that Paul Walker was in a jewelry store one day when he noticed a young U.S. military veteran with…


The late Hollywood actor Paul Walker is famous for many things – his action movies, his stunning blue eyes and his big heart.


Several years ago Walker shone brighter than any diamond among the pricey jewelries at a Bailey Banks and Biddle Jewelers store in Santa Barbara, California. The actor was shopping at the store when he noticed a couple looking at engagement rings. The unknown man and woman found their perfect ring, which unfortunately, was beyond their budget. Walker decided he had to do something about it and approached one of the salespersons, Irene King. The actor told the woman to give the couple the ring and put it on his own account. He also told the saleswoman not to tell the couple who was buying the ring for them.


The couple in question and probably the rest of the world didn’t have a clue about this before December 2013. Irene King posted the story on Walker’s Facebook page among the stories of numerous other people who wrote anecdotes and kind posts on Facebook in memory of the late actor.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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