Did You Know That Paul Walker's Mom Is Giving His Daughter's Mother ….


Several months ago it was revealed that actor Paul Walker wanted his mother Cheryl to be his daughter’s legal guardian, otherwise 15-year-old Meadow wouldn’t receive her giant inheritance. What is more, Paul wanted his daughter to go live with her grandmother which started an epic custody war.

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However, Cheryl Walker obviously has some sense in her as she is putting the child’s interest above all. The actor’s mother is ready to ignore the stipulations of Paul’s will under one condition. She insists that Rebecca Soteros, Meadow’s mom, goes to rehab. The woman has a drinking problem and has been arrested for DUI more than one time, so it’s safe to say she is not the most stable of parents. Apparently, Cheryl Walker understands that her granddaughter wouldn’t benefit from losing both her parents so she has offered Rebecca Soteros a deal. Hopefully, the latter would appreciate the grand gesture and put her child’s needs above her own.


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