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Did You Know That Peaches Geldof Claims The Mystery Hand In Her Selfie Belongs To A …


Peaches Geldof, who is the second daughter of the co-founder of Band Aid, Sir Bob Geldof, recently discovered that her house in Kent, UK might be haunted indeed by an evil spirit.

Picture: Peaches Geldof / Instagram
Picture: Peaches Geldof / Instagram

She posted recently a selfie of herself holding her daughter Astala. In the picture a mysterious ghostly hand emerges right next to her daughter’s face. Peaches posted the controversial picture with the statement that this could not possibly be her hand because she had one of hers wrapped around her daughter’s waist and the other one holding the camera to take the pic.

This terrifying occurrence prompted the following investigation conducted by Peaches herself about the history of her house in Kent. As it turned out, after Peaches checked the history catalogs in the town’s council, the building she lived in was built in the 1920s by a wealthy man. The very same man used to have a wife that was pregnant at the time. Unfortunately, his wife gave birth to a stillborn child and then committed suicide out of grief.


Now Peaches Geldof believes her home is haunted by the spirit of this deceased mother. Although it may seem scary Peaches later stated that the presence she felt was indeed “friendly” and enjoyed kids living in the house.


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