Did you know that people in China are paying money so they could be locked inside…


In a world filled with crazy things to do in our everyday lives, the Chinese have found a way to turn our daily grind into a deadly game of lock-down.


A new game became recently a popular trend among people in China, especially among workers who are overwhelmed by their stressful jobs and young adults who are stressed by their University routines. The game is called Room Escape and it can get pretty creepy. Players are locked in dark and creepy rooms and they have to follow exact clues in order to save their lives before their time runs out. Kind of like completing a deadly maze from the famous Saw movies, the people find themselves in an eerie environment and have to find their way out. The difference is that the game isn’t actually deadly, but it can get messy, since there are reports of people getting so scared and frustrated in the Escape Rooms, that they have started tearing down decors and equipment from their prison.


Sounds like the Room Escape games could be stressful rather than stress-relieving.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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