Did You Know That People See You As Being 20% More Attractive Than…..


Most people have a lot of insecurities regarding their looks. Some don’t like their facial features, others are concerned about their skin but more or less few are those who can stand in front of the mirror without focusing on their supposed imperfections. Psychologists state that judging yourself is a natural process but if you tend to place too much focus on the negative aspects of your appearance, it might affect your psychological well-being in an unfavorable way.


People often compare themselves to others : to their siblings, peers or to images of celebrities they see on the screen, in magazines, etc. Often, if your sister/brother or friend receives more attention and is praised on their looks, you might start to see yourself as less attractive, especially if you have a totally different appearance. However, studies suggest that normally other people see you as at least 20% more attractive than you see yourself. Psychologists advise that people with issues about their looks should try to find and focus on at least one feature about themselves they consider attractive. It might be their eyes, hair, shoulders or even finger nails. Then slowly they should add more and more features until they grow to love their appearance and it is no longer an issue.


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