Did You Know That People Who Give The Best Advice Are The Ones With…


According to experts one of the most credible sources of knowledge is nothing else but experience. Usually, when it comes down to giving advice the best tip givers are the ones who have been through the most emotionally exhausting situations in their lives. Such people have gained a lot from their mistakes and were able to learn how to turn the negative into positive. Whether one is successful in life or not so much, problems are always present.


Usually, it’s often quite easier to evaluate another person’s problems because they don’t directly affect us. Based on our former experience and knowledge about a particular situation, we are able to draw more objective conclusions and give the best possible advice to whoever needs it, claim psychologists. If we attempt to evaluate a personal problem of our own, our minds just commit more to the personal issues that may arise, instead of actually finding the best solution to the problem in the first place.


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