Did You Know That People Who Stay Up Late Are More Likely To Be More…


It’s a common belief that going to bed early is beneficial not only for your physical health but for your mind as well. However, a recent study conducted by the London School of Economics’ Psychology department has shown that people who have the habit of staying up late and waking up in the mid hours of the day tend to have a higher IQ than the early birds.


Satoshi Kanazava, a doctor of Psychology, explains the results with the fact that general intelligence is a separate mental module, not necessarily linked to other mental modules such as social interaction and ability to make objective judgement, for example. The habit of going to bed early has its historical roots : our ancestors didn’t have electricity, therefore staying up late wouldn’t have been of much use to them. Luckily, the invention of electricity and technological progress have made it possible for people to use the night for work, entertainment or whatever they please.


However, being a night owl might speak for a higher intelligence but it does have its harmful effect on our health. Staying up late is often linked to emotional instability, irritability and depression as well as some cardiological illnesses.


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