Did You Know That Pepsi Had To Pay $1.26 Billion Because Of A Secretary's ….


Kathy Henry, a secretary at a PepsiCo office in North Carolina, was preparing for a board meeting when she received the mail. However, being too busy with preparations, she never paid much attention to the mail which included a lawsuit notification against PepsiCo for $1.26 billion.


Since the attorneys never heard about the lawsuit and the letter wasn’t delivered to the company’s headquarters, located in the state of New York, PepsiCo never responded to the lawsuit. It was filed by Charles Joyce and James Voigt who claimed that Pepsi stole their idea of selling bottled soft drinks. According to the two men, they had given the idea to somebody else in 1981 but somehow Pepsi managed to steal it and use it for their Aquafina water 15 years later. The court granted the two men the billion dollars without a trial and Pepsi found out about it almost a week later, immediately asking the court for a new hearing.


The company ruled Kathy’s actions as excusable since she has been working for them for more than 20 years.


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