Did you know that Phone throwing is an actual sport in…


Did you know that mobile phone throwing is an actual sport in Finland?

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

Even if you’re the calmest and most peaceful person on the planet, you probably wanted to throw your phone at somebody or something at least once in your lifetime. And if you’re one of those people, who really wish they could throw stuff around, then you’re in luck – mobile throwing is an actual sport not only in distant Finland, but also in a number of other countries as well.

Back in 2000 Finland hosted the very first mobile throwing championship ever. It took part in Savonlinna, Finland, and it almost immediately became a hit. Athletes and not only athletes gathered together in order to throw a phone and some of their inner frustrations along with it. Shortly after the very first championship people all across the world decided that it should become an international sport and so it did. The first country to host international championships was Norway, followed by Switzerland, Germany, and so on.


The mobile throwing championships are held each year in late August. The phones, which the contestants are throwing, are being provided by the sponsors of the events. The phones’ weight vary from 200g to 400g and there are 3 ways to throw them – traditional, freestyle or teamed up with other contestants. The jury judges the contestants by their strength, throwing distance and choreography. Even children can take part in this strange sport.

The current world champion is a Belgian man named Dries Feremans. He set the record of 110.42 meters back in August 2014. The best score by a female competitor was set in 2006 by a British woman, named Jan Singleton, during the UK championships. She threw her mobile phone at 53.52 meters.


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